Professional Work

Prototype Assets

The following assets were produced for various Prototypes and to explore Art-Styles.

prototype_base_character prototype_warrior_character prototype_base_character_breakdown prototype_mage protoype_assets protoype_ui_concept

Panzer General Online

The following images show a selection of tanks and vehicles created for Panzer General Online (PGO), which was developed by Funatics and published by Ubisoft. Ubisoft provided us with a large database of tanks and vehicles form the game RUSE. Although all models required significant geometry changes and rework of textures to meet the style and technical limitations, the usage of the models was a huge time saver. I was responsible for leading the team of artists that worked on the tanks and vehicles. My tasks included the creation of a production pipeline, teaching artists to achieve the required results and checking quality and style consistency. Furthermore I was responsible for rigging and animating all vehicles and create their choreographies.

Artists: Alexander Asmus (Lead), Anne Krienert (modeling & texturing – vehicles), Marion Fischer (modeling, texturing, rigging, animation – soldiers)

The first screenshot depicts the tanks from the game’s cameraperspective, the second is a beautyshot that uses higher-resolution textures. Tanks have roughly 2000 – 4000 triangles and use two 256 x 256 textures (color & spec)


pgo_tanks_gameview pgo_tanks_perspectivepgo_ui_concept


Cultures Online

The following images are from the game Cultures Online. The first shots show the new housing-feature. I was responsible for taking the visual lead for the housing items. I developed an art pipeline that allowed fast item creation from different angles and assured visual consistency. Most models are kitbashed in 3D coat or blocked out in 3ds max. Then they sculpted details are added in 3D Coat. Finally the models are rendered in 3ds Max from various angles (seperate shadow-pass) and are colored in photoshop.

I developed the complete pipeline and supported the development of internal tools for content-integration, rendering and export.

Artists: Alexander Asmus (Lead), Anne Krienert (modeling & coloring), Lukas Lamberts (Coloring), Dominik Plassmann (Background & Arrangement)

The first screenshot depicts the vision statement for the feature. The second shot shows a selection of housing items.

co_housing_prototype co_housing_items

Various items from Cultures Online, each 86×86

cultures_sheet4 cultures_sheet3 cultures_sheet2 cultures_sheet1 cultures_sheet5