Hunt – Weapons

Art Direction: Magnus Labrant

Art Lead: Marcel Schaika

This page shows a selection of weapons & equipment that I created for Hunt-Showdown.

When joining Crytek in 2015 I took over the task of creating weapons and equipment for Hunt. We established a weapon system that was supposed to support a wide variety of weapon variations. Weapons and equipment where meant to be driven by the game’s crafting system. Each weapon consists of different parts (receiver, barrel, stock, handguard, scope) that can be exchanged independently. This gave us many possibilities for visual, but also gameplay related modifications of our guns.

As Hunt has a very gritty and dirty art direction we spend some extra time on recreating this look for the equipment. Each weapon has a dirt / mud pass that could potentially be triggered by gameplay. To give the mud-effects more volume and to further break up silhouettes of the guns the mud-pass incorporates extra geometry that could also be hidden or displayed during runtime.

Tasks of my role included:

  • creating weapons from whitebox to final assets
  • coordination & iterations with gamedesign, art director & animation department on weapons
  • training & overseeing the work of Junior-Artists
  • support with sketches & quick concept drawings
  • creating & maintaining substance library for weapons, equipment & props


The Vetterli 1871