Scout Mech

Scout Mech

Design by flyingdebris (Alexander Iglesias) : Check out the concept and the rest of his awesome art!

I was very impressed by original design of the concept from Alexander Iglesias and decided to give this a shot as my next portfolio piece. The concept looked challenging and from a design standpoint I was really amazed about the asymmetry of the design and the functional designs that defined various areas of the mech.

For the backside of the mech I had to come up with an own design. As this is supposed to be a reconnaisance mech I wanted it to have some engines in the back, to allow for greater mobility and the ability to overcome higher obstacles. The backside went through 5 revisions unitl I was happy with what I had. I also wanted to have a complete cockpit with a hatch that could be opened, just like in Titanfall.

Some WIP-Shots of this project were part of a Polycount Recap.

Polycount: 31000 / 11000 (Mech / Cockpit)
Textures: 2 Materials (Mech & Cockpit) with Albedo/ Gloss/ Metalness at 4096
Software used: Maya / Photoshop / xNormal / 3D Coat / DDO2 / Marmoset Toolbag

Turntable video 01 – click here

Turntable video 02 – click here

Click the images for high resolution shots