Robinson – The Journey: Environments

Art Direction: Pascal Eggert

Art Lead: Stefan Heinrich

Elevator Room

The Elevator Room is located right underneath the stage of the planetarium and serves as the transition area between the stage and the lower maintenance areas of the planetarium.
I modeled and textured the elevator platform and the elevator room.

Concept Art: Peter Sutherland

robinson_environment_elevator_01 robinson_environment_elevator_large_02 robinson_environment_elevator_large_03 robinson_environment_elevator_05 robinson_environment_elevator_06 robinson_environment_elevator_detail_01 robinson_environment_elevator_detail_04 robinson_environment_elevator_detail_02

Planetarium Stage

The Planetarium Stage is the central part of a huge stadium inside the spaceship “Esmeralda”. After the crash of the Esmeralda Robin explores the plantarium in search for his companion Laika and for information about the crash. In the end the stage served as the arena for the final boss fight of the game.

Concept Art: Joao Silva
Lighting: Damian Strepinski

robinson_environment_stage_02 robinson_environment_stage_03 robinson_environment_stage_01 robinson_environment_stage_04

Projector & Climbing Section

The Projector dominates the Plantarium and was used for educational & entertainment purpose on the Esmeralda. Robin has to climb over hanging debris & the Projector in order to get down to the bottom of the Planetarium. I modeled & textures the projector, the climbing section was created by rearranging existing panels, I decorated & dressed the area to final quality.

Concept Art: Ivan Tantsiura
Panels: Matthias Wagner
Vagetation: Tom Deerberg, Özlem Sagbili & Björn Wimar
Lighting: Damian Strepinski


robinson_environment_projector_climbing_01 robinson_environment_projector_climbing_04 robinson_environment_projector_climbing_05 robinson_environment_projector_climbing_06 robinson_environment_projector_climbing_07

Destroyed Stage & Projector

By deactivating the DSEV Anti Gravity System in the PLanetarium, Robin causes the Projector to crash onto the Stage and thus defeating the final encounter of the game. Originally it was planned to let Robin return to the crashed stage, to further search for clues and wildlife. This was unfortunately cut from the game. Robin can still revisit the PLanetarium, but can not access the stage, nor see it from above. I modeled and textured the Stage and the projector in theier destroyed and intact versions. I worked closely with the cinematic team to ensure the quality of the destruction sequence.

Concept Art: Ivan Tantsiura & Joao Silva
Lighting: Damian Strepinski

robinson_environment_stage_destroyed_02 robinson_environment_stage_destroyed_01 robinson_environment_stage_destroyed_11b robinson_environment_stage_destroyed_12 robinson_environment_stage_destroyed_03c robinson_environment_stage_destroyed_03 robinson_environment_stage_destroyed_08