Robinson – The Journey: Assets

Art Direction: Pascal Eggert

Art Lead: Stefan Heinrich

Multi Tool:

The Multi Tool is one of Robins most important devices after his crash. It serves as a scanning devices to catalogue the extra terrestrial wildlife. In addition the Multi Tool can use the DSEV Anti Grav Technology to lift other suitable DSEV objects.

Concept Art: Ivan Tantsiura

robinson_assets_multi_tool_01 robinson_assets_multi_tool_03 robinson_assets_multi_tool_04

Elevator Platform:

The Elevator Platform connects the stage of the planetarium with the lower maintenance area. It also serves as a pedestal for speakers or Entertainers, who perform in the planeatarium of the Esmeralda. The rails can fold into the gaps at the bottom to allow easy access to the platform.

Concept Art: Peter Sutherland

robinson_assets_elevator_platform_01 robinson_assets_elevator_platform_02

Powercell Panel & Energy Powercell

To restore the power in the Planetarium, Robin has to find 3 powercells and insert them manually into these panel slots. I modeled and textured the powercell & the panel using 3ds max and substance painter.

Concept Art: Peter Sutherland

robinson_assets_powercell_panel_04 robinson_assets_powercell_panel_05

Rubble Piles and Debris

These Rubble Piles and Debris were originally made for dressing up the spaceship level. In the end the Debris and piles were used in other areas of the game where wreck pieces
of the esmeralda where present.
The piles are based of textured midpoly meshes created and textured by my Lead Stefan Heinrich. I used those mid polys and rearranged them to create decals, large machinery, small parts, struts and smaller debris. I then arranged those assets to form rubble assets of various shapes and purpose.

Highpoly & Textures: Stefan Heinrich

robinson_assets_rubble_piles_01 robinson_assets_rubble_piles_02 robinson_assets_rubble_piles_03 robinson_assets_rubble_piles_07 robinson_assets_rubble_piles_09

Spot light and Cover Elements

To avoid Raptors in the spaceship, Robin has to hide behind cover elements and time his movements to sneak arround the Raptors. The cover pieces are formed from destroyed Spot Lights that fell from the ceiling during the crash.Du to gamedesign constraints we had to use not these but a bit simplified versions of the cover for the final release. I modeled and textured the spotlights, arranged allt he cover elements and therefore reused assets from the rubble pile assets.

Concept Art: Ivan Tantsiura

robinson_assets_spotlights_cover_01 robinson_assets_spotlights_cover_02 robinson_assets_spotlights_cover_03 robinson_assets_spotlights_cover_04_detail robinson_assets_spotlights_cover_05_detail robinson_assets_spotlights_cover_06