This project started as a test for the dx11 tesselation features. I wanted to gain some practice with this technology and find out what things have to be considered when applying this technique.
I first started to do various concepts exploring different styles for this piece, which can be seen at the bottom of this page. During this stage the idea of an stone golem with incredible power and physical appearance while being very simpleminded took form. To enhance the impression of a simpleminded being I added the flower on top of his head. With this in mind several concepts were already eliminated. The golem should be able to communicate a basic set of emotions: anger, happyness or sadness with its face. In the final model this is achieved by rotating the eyes and the jaw. I also aimed for a design that could be moved and animated without any bending of the body elements, as this would contradict the credibility of the rock-material the golem is made from.

Polycount: ~15800
Textures: 2048 x 2048 Diffuse / Spec / Gloss / Height
Software used: 3D Coat / Maya / Photoshop / xNormal / Marmoset Toolbag

All screens expect for the wireframe shots are tesselated.

Turntable video – click here

Click images for high resolution shots

golem_1 golem_2 golem_3 golem_4_wire golem_5_occlusion golem_6_concept