2D Artwork

This page is dedicated to various 2D artworks ranging from personal to professional projects alike.

The first three images are a cycle of paintings that were started during our weekly speedpaint-sessions in the company. The speed-paint results looked promising thus I decided to invest some additional hours to bring them closer to production quality. I also did some animated gifs to show the construction of those paintings. This section is finished by a concept of a light freighter and my work on various items for the game “Cultures Online”.

Resistance Facility

resistance_facility resistance_facility_production_steps

Forgotten Corridor (closely based on a reference foto)

  • Link to reference image on flickr
  • Link to Fotogallery of “Edme!” on flickr

forgotten_corridor forgotten_corridor_gif_animation

Abandoned Entrance Hall


Concept Light Freighter

light_freighter_concept light_freighter_concept_lines

Various items from “Cultures Online”

cultures_sheet3 cultures_sheet2 cultures_sheet1 cultures_sheet4 cultures_sheet5